Fernando Wong Outdoor Living Design handles large-scale residential landscapes as well as luxury hotels, resorts and condominiums.  The vast majority of the residential projects are new construction or gut renovation and last over a year from design to installation.  As we are a design/build landscape architecture firm we supervise every detail of the project from landscape and hardscape to lighting irrigation, pools, furniture, cabanas and pool houses.  Many of our residential landscape clients come to us asking for a resort like experience for their property.  While others come to us for complete Estate Master Planning.

Wong was trained as an architect and interior designer in his native Panama, which is why we refer to our design as architectural landscaping.  Due to that fact we always use classical architectural elements such as scale, symmetry and proportion in each design.  It is for this reason that there is no particular “look” when you see a Wong designed garden.  Since we use classical design elements on every project whether it is Contemporary, Tropical Modern or Formal they all share a basic structure yet are as different as the homes they were designed around.  We often say that the landscape is the frame and the home is the picture.  Our job is to accentuate the architecture while never overshadowing it.  We also insist that the project look stunning on the day after the plants are installed and even better five years henceforth.

We work with homeowners to make their dreams into reality.  The process starts with meeting the client and finding out their aesthetic as well as their lifestyle.  As pictures truly are worth a thousand words, we encourage people to show us images of their ultimate luxury landscapes.  Armed with our client’s vision we put together hand drawn and computer generated renderings as well as plant images and a detailed site plan as part of our initial presentation package. 


Design Process

  • Research and Analysis: 

    • Base Plan Preparation 

    • Site Inventory and Analysis 

    • Synthesis 

    • Program Development 

  • Design: 

    • Schematic Design: 

      • Conceptualization 

      • Master Planning 

    • Design Development: 

      • Details 

      • Elevations 

      • Sections 

  • Construction: 

    • Construction Documents: 

      • Grading and Drainage Plans 

      • Hardscape Layout and Dimension Plans 

      • Hardscape Details 

      • Planting Plans, Planting Details and Plant Lists and Specifications 

      • Irrigation Plan, Water Distribution Plans, Irrigation Details, Irrigation Specifications and Irrigation Operating Schedules 

      • Landscape Lighting Plans 

    • Construction Administration for Implementation 

  • Post-Construction Evaluation and Maintenance










We enjoy the collaborative process and the give and take that comes from marrying form and function.  A retired couple is going to have vastly different requirements than a family with 4 children and lots of pets.  A second or third home has different requirements than a primary residence.  Our role is to absorb all this information and create the most beautiful environment possible that makes sense for the way someone really lives day to day.

At the same time we work with some of the world’s top architects, designers, homebuilders and real estate professionals to make sure that the project is cohesive looking and well managed from the moment we start designing, through the approval process all the way to installation and follow up maintenance.


Residential Projects

Commercial Projects

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